Obama, Romney, and the Presidential Candidates’ Digital Identities

by Lauren Welles on November 5, 2012


What do Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have in common? Sizeable digital footprints, for one.

In 2008 Barack Obama ran a social media marketing campaign that wowed digital experts everywhere. It was the perfect blend of ingredients: an astute social media team, an armory of social channels in which political messaging was largely absent, and a massive audience of undecided Millennial voters who wanted to be heard and, thanks to social media, felt more strongly than any generation before them that they had the right to be heard.

Today, people and businesses across industries have a more thorough understanding of how to use social media to connect with an audience. While President Obama is still recognized as a leading force in social media, the playing field has been leveled considerably and non-incumbent Mitt Romney has amassed a very participatory following of his own. By sheer size, Obama is far and away in the lead, but size isn’t everything.

With Election Day nearly upon us, the Qnary office has found itself in frequent discussions about how the presidential candidates are looking online. Digital identities matter for politicians as much as they do for the rest of the online community, so we’ve decided to look at each candidate’s presence through the Qnary lens. The result was this info-loaded infographic. Take a look and enjoy!


2012 Presidential Candidate Digital Footprints Infographic


Lauren Welles

About Lauren Welles

Lauren is the Marketing Manager at Qnary. Her background is in social media-based strategy and marketing research. She has experience analyzing data to identify trends and generate actionable insights that inform clients in product and service innovation. At a social media marketing agency, she helped build campaigns and optimize brand presences in social media. She has worked with brands across industries, including Vanguard, General Motors, adidas, and Hertz.

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