The Digital You Matters [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Lauren Welles on September 20, 2012

You’ve heard it before: we live in a digital age.

It’s not news that today nearly every one of us has a digital identity formed by the data that exists about us online.  This information comes from pages that we manage (like our social media profiles and organization membership accounts) as well as pages that we don’t (like online directories and mentions of us in the press).

Despite universal awareness of the fact that our lives are increasingly cookied and stored online, there is a surprising lack of awareness of how much the digital footprints we create truly matter.  Recruiters comb the Internet for information about job candidates, college admissions officers screen students’ social profiles in the application process, and potential dates even Google one another before meeting for drinks.

Take a look at the numbers below to get a sense of just how important a strong, positive online presence is in today’s world.


The Digital You

Lauren Welles

About Lauren Welles

Lauren is the Marketing Manager at Qnary. Her background is in social media-based strategy and marketing research. She has experience analyzing data to identify trends and generate actionable insights that inform clients in product and service innovation. At a social media marketing agency, she helped build campaigns and optimize brand presences in social media. She has worked with brands across industries, including Vanguard, General Motors, adidas, and Hertz.

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